Gallery owners are being slowly squeezed by declining revenue and ongoing pressure to promote their work. This is due to increased competition from the Internet, aging of a segment of the art collecting population, and other factors. As a result, many artists, especially photographers, are making significantly less money than they were a decade ago or less.

Art Stream Videos is a Roku TV art channel

Art Stream delivers low-cost regional and national advertising directly into the homes of art lovers. People watch streaming videos of art in a way that blurs the line between entertainment and advertising.

We deliver advertising as entertainment using Roku TV as our platform. More specifically, we convert static images into videos using the Ken Burns effect, and list phone number, location, medium, dimensions, and title of each work at the end of a short video.

Each video pans across the image and zooms into points of interest using transitions that are optimized to your particular work. The result is an exceptionally entertaining video advertisement customized for each work.

Art Stream delivers value to advertisers by offering an exceptionally low cost, and regional, national, and international promotion that connects viewers directly to the artist’s buy site in a way that is barely noticed as advertising.


Art Stream Videos can significantly reduce marketing costs by promoting works for far less than attending a regional art show, and simultaneously reach a new generation of art lovers who are more attuned to “digital streaming media” services like Roku.

And with over 29 million Roku players already sold there is a huge critical mass available, growing at 30% per year.

Of course, traditional methods of selling artwork are changing rapidly and are being supplemented by social media. However, Art Stream Videos stands as a potential game changer that can deliver the best value for the art advertising dollar. And our advertisers can always download their finished videos to use as they please on social media.

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