If you have ever watched a Ken Burns documentary you have seen the Ken Burns effect. Burns successfully used the technique of slow panning and zooming and fading transitions between frames to put static images into motion.


But what if this method were refined and delivered directly into homes and businesses to help promote works of fine art? This is the basic idea behind our service, Art Stream Videos.

When we visit an art gallery we move ourselves physically from piece to piece hoping that something catches our attention. Then our brain starts to fire with numerous ideas, feelings, and thoughts. The result is that when we are physically in the presence of a piece of fine art we enjoy ─ the lighting, texture, emotional reaction, and story of the artist ─ all combine to influence our buying decision. But how can an artist or gallery owner successfully compete to get the limited attention of potential buyers?


Humans are innately attracted to movement versus static imagery. The flight of a bird, a movement in the bushes, the flow of water ─ all serve to focus our attention and concentrate our awareness. This is likely an artifact from our evolutionary behavior. Art Stream Videos is using this technique to put artist’s works into motion similar to the manner in which Ken Burns did in his ground-breaking documentaries.

Art Stream Videos partnered with Roku TV, the leading manufacturer of streaming media devices, and several other technology companies to provide a unique new platform in which art comes alive on HDTVs.

Art Stream Videos lists the advertiser’s phone number, email, city, state, dimensions, medium, and title of each work at the end of a 45-second video. The result is a very compelling and entertaining platform to deliver works of fine art directly into homes and businesses for display on large screen TVs.

To find our Art Stream Videos channel on Roku, simply use your remote, press the “Home” button, then go to “Search.” Enter “Art” and press the right arrow to select “Art Stream Videos.” Press “OK” on any work and then “Play All” to view a stream of artwork.

Art Stream subscribers on Roku can easily reach gallery or artist websites by calling or clicking to check availability of, or to purchase works of art they enjoy.

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