Using Art Stream Videos to View and Purchase Works of Art

Every artist wants as many people as possible to see their work. But how do they reach the largest number of interested buyers at the least possible cost? A new art channel on Roku TV Although traditional advertising such as print media and online galleries allow artists to get their works in front of potential […]

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How Motion Attracts Viewers to Purchase Fine Art

If you have ever watched a Ken Burns documentary you have seen the Ken Burns effect. Burns successfully used the technique of slow panning and zooming and fading transitions between frames to put static images into motion. But what if this method were refined and delivered directly into homes and businesses to help promote works […]

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How Art Stream Videos Can Help Promote Your Works of Art
Art Stream Videos

Independent artists and gallery owners are being slowly squeezed by declining revenue and ongoing pressure to promote their work. This is due to increased competition from the Internet, aging of a segment of the art collecting population, and other factors. As a result, many artists, especially photographers, are making significantly less money than they were […]

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